For Physicians & Agencies

CHIRP and Dr. Marnella offer customized screening and support packages tailored to fit your particular program. These program elements would follow the guidelines of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the APA Professional Standards of Care, and regulatory dictates.

Our contracting agencies and physicians receive:

(1) thorough testing and reports

(2) all requisite documentation (HIPPA, consent to release, consent to treat, summary letters, etc.)

(3) the prompt reporting of results

(4) the benefit of our years of experience and hundreds of case histories

(5) our broad and flexible availability for consultation and problem solving

(6) the availability of support materials (brochures, patient information), seminars and in-service staff training

(7) the availability of online, individual, telephonic, and group therapy for surrogates and intended parents

(8) UPS delivery of reports with delivery signatures and electronic tracking

(9) email notification of patient status, confirmed appointments and report dispatch sent directly to your case managers

(10) clear, easily understood invoicing and statements

(11) competitive, flexible fee structure

(12) regular contact with management staff for problem solving and innovation

(13) a well trained and helpful support staff

(14) a team approach dedicated to helping you improve and grow your practice

Please feel free to contact us – we look forward to working with you.

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